250 Gallon for sale!

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    Parting out 250 Gallon Tank (60x36x27") & listed equipment:

    • Dallas Aquarium Products 250
    • 2 EcoTech Vortech MP40w ES
    • 2 Jebao Powerhead
    • Aqua Euro Nano Skimmer
    • BlueLine 70HD-X External Pump
    • Digital Aquatics 1 x Float Switch Kit (single)
    • Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Controller
    • BRS Dual Inline TDS Meter
    • BRS RO/DI System
    • 2 Radium 400W 20,000K Metal Halide Bulb (Single Ended)
    • calcium reactor (don't know much about this currently, will update when I do)

    The livestock has been claimed. I'll accept reasonable offers on the above equipment.

    The System itself is comprised of a 250 gallon DAP tank with a 75 gallon refugium, 40 gallon sump and a 20 gallon frag tank. All of the equipment is kept minimal. Biological filtration is the best filtration, but an over sized 400 gallon skimmer never hurts. Other than that, its mostly just water current and high lighting that has kept this tank on track. 2-400 watt metal halides and 2 MP-40s do the grunt work, while the 2 Jeabo WP-40s mix it up a bit.

    PM me for more.
    More info here also: https://www.aquaticlog.com/aquariums/reefmann/1

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