175 gallon Bowfront Set Up.

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Fishbait, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Fishbait

    Fishbait Blenny

    My efforts to maintain this system were for not. Everything you need to run a 175 including stand, canopy, lighting, circulation, a Deltec Skimmer and more. Needs to be seriously cleaned. So ashamed. $200 and you can take it home.
  2. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

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  3. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

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  4. Fishbait

    Fishbait Blenny

    Location is just north of Cabot. I will send pictures to those expressing interest. The tank is covered in algae.
  5. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    I have a friend that I think wants it but I can’t say for sure till morning
  6. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    My friend randy mcclaren is interested he is on Facebook if you’ll look him up
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  7. I may also be interested. Can we get pics?
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  8. Wayne King

    Wayne King Plankton

    If no one else buys this, I'm interested!

    Pics if available
  9. Adam Mulling

    Adam Mulling Blenny

    We have not heard anything back when I checked with randy
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  10. randy mcclaren

    randy mcclaren New Member

    Hello I'm am randy that Adam is talking about I'm very interested in the setup please message me with pics
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  11. Chance Brown

    Chance Brown New Member

    Did you get somebody to take this? Please send pictures if it is still available.
  12. Fishbait

    Fishbait Blenny

    Tank is still available. My wife's co-worker spazzed. Sump damaged in move, but with everything here, still a steal at $200
  13. HotSpringsReefer

    HotSpringsReefer Plankton

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